About Us

Surgikare is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel surgical instruments, developing, and manufacturing over 5000 medical instrument products to the world healthcare market.


To produce quality instruments that are cost effective, high volume and above all safe for the patient.

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Surgikare was established in 1994, but it’s history goes back even further with the formation of GT Surgical in the early 1900’s.

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Established in 1994, Surgikare have been supplying the medical industry with single use surgical instruments for over two decades.

Our strength lies in our ability to produce our products from start to finish. With our own on site drop forging facility and machine shops, we are capable of producing a large variety of instruments and meeting the most demanding quantities.

Our Factory.

Located off the main Daska Road in Toor Abad Sialkot, Surgikare has a site size of approximately 12 acres with over 60,000 sq ft dedicated to manufacturing, packaging and storage.

Key Features

  • Drop forging facility on site
  • Large raw material store
  • Dedicated clean packaging area with additional clean room for sterile packaging¬†
  • Purpose built management building

Clean Room


Large Multi Purpose Site

Dedicated Clean Packaging Facility